Ok, I know i probably should read some post before I ask my question in case of redundancy; but I have no heat, it's 11 O'late, the temp is in the 20's, and the wind is blowing 20+mph...
I went to the attic and watched the furnace sort of wind up. the Igniters started to glow and then I heard the gas kick on for like 2 sec. Then Pop. The gas goes off and the blower quits. We have a small second unit for the kids play room upstairs (where we are huddled for the night I think). Its on the same gas pipe and is working fine. Is there anything I can do tonight to fix this? If not, what should I tell the service guy in the morning?

BTY- Our unit is 13 months old. New House. Should have opted for the extended warranty huh... Figures..

Big JeepXJ