I have been reading this thread until I am exhausted.

Titan my hats is off to you sir, you must be the most patient and kind person a service company could run into.

My opinion is the installing company hasn't had an training on this system or slep thru class if they did.

All the rhetoric of changing out parts and waiting for parts is just ridiculous! 1st this is classified as a parts changer, their not trouble shooting the problem for lack of knowledge, just guessing our unquailified you pick.

I read you've been dealing with the distributor US-Air, I assume Anaheim, or perhaps City of Industry. Do these guys know about the parts changing?

Excuses on parts not in are unacceptable, but not that it really mattered anyway when they go the new parts. When I place an order with my salesman at Us-Air I know location of the parts I am geting and when they will be here...

I would definately get the second opinion with a Carrier dealer that is familar with the Infinity System only. Check their creditials with US-Air Carrier sales rep, good luck

It is most regrettable that you have experienced any problem with such a beautiful system. But whats more regrettabe is that you learned in the11th hour your isntalling contractor doesn't have the experience and training to be servicing your equipment.