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    Confused Old Pepsi Machine

    Im new to the game and am still in school for HVACR. Our project right now is to get this old pepsi machine up and running. The compressor is burnt open and we are trying to find out the BTU capacity of it. We have an abundance of compressors that could work but trying to learn this the proper way. We have model numbers of the condensing unit and compressor just can't find the manf. of the compressor. The numbers off the compressor are: AE231AT-606 and E-B1580A. The compressor is on a 110 circuit rated at 115v with and RLA of 7.4 and LRA of 35. It is an R-12 system but looking to convert to 134A.
    Any help is appreciated and Im not looking for an answer handout just someone to point me in the right direction. Mainly looking for the manf. of the compressor.

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    The first number you posted(AE231AT-606 ) looks like a tecumseh B/M number. There should be something after the 606. Suggestion- questions like this you might want to post in the refrigeration section. Hope this helps.

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    Based on my research I found the same thing about it being a tecumseh compressor. I tried going to their site and using that but it didn't pull anything up. Once I posted this i realized I was in the wrong section. It looks like there might be something after that but the tag is so rusted and is bent a little bit. Thanks for the help! It gives me reassurance that I am on the right path with the compressor manf.

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    That B/M number AE231AT indicates this compressor was a Tecumseh AE3440A. The current model would be an AEA3440AXA.

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