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Thread: scariest movie?

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Yeah, Geroge Romero's original, Night Of The Living Dead, filmed right here in good ole Pittsburgh, as was Silence Of The Lambs and many others.
    A movie filmed in Pittsburgh that had some scenes that scared the hell outa me was The DeerHunter.
    Go RCR!

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    Black Sabbath (not the rock group) with Boris Karloff, 1963.
    A trio of three horror stories, with the 1st being one of the scariest I've ever seen. THE DROP OF WATER tells of a nurse who is called to dress the corpse of a newly deceased medium. When the nurse steals a ring off the old woman's body, the woman comes back to haunt her. If your kids see this, it's guaranteed to produce nightmares.

    Race With The Devil, with Peter Fonda, is another favorite.

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