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    Help identifying Gas Fireplace

    I have a Gas Fireplace without any identification of make or model, but it is circa 1993 (since that was the year the house was built). Unfortunately, the gasket which seals the glass is not sealing, and therefore the unit is worthless to me right now. I have contacted the home builder (Richmond), the installer (Steel-T), and a couple of fireplace repair people in the Denver are, but no one has been able to identify the unit. As I understand it, in order to remedy the issue, I have to replace the glass, and in order to replace the glass I have to know a make and model. I've been told that it 'might' be a Heatilator GC100, and then was told that it most definitely was not a Heatilator. Someone suggested that it might be a Heat & Glo, but I have not been able to successfully get a model number to go forward. I've attached some photos, and would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks!
    Katie Smith
    Highlands Ranch, CO.
    PS There is also a heavy mesh screen that goes on the outside of the unit, but it is not in the photos.

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    The glass system does look similar to a GC100 but the overall design of the fireplace does not. It could be a different Heatilator from that time period.

    I would higher res pictures to see more details.

    How does the glass attach, and where is the gasket? On the GC100 the glass has a clamp on top and bottom held in with 3 machine screws each, which screw into rivnuts. The glass has a U channel on top and bottom just to protect it but the gasket itself was a black rubber material mounted directly to the fireplace. This eventually gets hard and brittle and needs to be replaced with a fiberglass gasket.

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