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    Janitrol Model# A24-10C Serial#890500299

    My home is cooled and heated by this model above; recently I noticed the outside unit is not coming for heat. The unit inside is working. I know that a heat-pump unit under normal conditions operates with the outside unit pumping the ouside air through the lines and through the air handler inside. Therefore; I suspect the unit is only heating by the auxillary heating coils?

    My main question before I call for service is to determine whether this unit is indeed a heat pump?

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    That's an air handler model #. It will work with straight air or a heat pump. Need to know the model # of the condensing unit to know if you have a heat pump or straight air.

    BTW, it's an old one.
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    Smile HVAC ?

    Okay, I will get it tomorrow and post it.

    Thanks for replying!!

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    How cold is it outside

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