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    Lot of Refrigerant, R-12, R-113, R-500, R-502

    Online Auction. Ends December 1st. Call Molly at 334-387-0475 for details.

    You are bidding on one lot of 60ea. bulk containers NEW(CLEAN) commercial Refrigerant.

    In order to place a bid or to buy/pick-up this surplus property you must be a 608 EPA-certified technician. Please see You must provide a valid copy of your certificate.

    This lot consists of:

    17 cylinders and tanks of NEW (Clean, uncontaminated) Refrigerant R-12, UN1028, with a net weight of 1438.25lbs,

    1 tank of NEW (Clean, uncontaminated) Refrigerant Racon 500, UN1078, with a net weight of 41.5lbs,

    1 tank of NEW (Clean, uncontaminated) Refrigerant Isotron 502 (R-502), UN1078,with a net weight of 48.5lbs

    2 drums of NEW (Clean, uncontaminated) Refrigerant R-113, with a net weight of 300lbs.

    Please carefully read our terms and conditions, as well as the requirements for buying and picking-up the property.

    The refrigerant is located at Darton College in Albany, GA.


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    Changes to above listing

    I apologize. It states in the post that there are 60 containers. The actual number of containers in this lot is 21. Please feel free e-mail me if you have any questions.

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