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    Trane: my apologies. my observations in regard to this and other threads and not necessrily directed to the author, but hopefully are made for the benefit of all. I would hope that anyone that does sell, service, or install these unis would digest the comments made here by all contributors.

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    when the pilot light went out, unburned gas filled the house. therefore the carbon monoxide detector detected it.

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    Do they make a special CO detector that detects combustible gas? I have never seen one. CO is not present in unburned fuel.

    That unit had problems or was very old. If pilot goes out gas valve shuts of in a couple of seconds, unless gas valve as bad. Usually this is due to valve getting wet. Very few standing pilot gas valves fail in the open position. A rareity indeed.

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    if youd like to read the article i read in the paper i'll send it to you.or i could put you in touch with the family it happened to.either way, the family is very lucky whether or not their smoke detector worked like it was supposed to.

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