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    I have run across three homes now throughout the last 12 years of service work out here in the Anchorage Alaska aria that use this in floor product that is just a bunch of tiny little black rubber tubes. They connect to the manifold that is just a copper pipe with an end cap sweat on it and holes punched into it. The little rubber tubes are attached to the manifold in a strange way. There is a small plastic straw about 1/2" long that is just small enough to fit inside the little black rubber tubing. With the hard piece of plastic straw stuffed into the little black rubber tube it is squeezed into the copper manifold hole. Somehow the miraculously ingenious system doesn’t come apart until you just happen to look at it in awe and wonder. In floor has come a long way since then. I would love to get some information or history on this old product. I want to say the manifold said Bio-Energy on it or something? I would love to read about your old in floor product story and any information that may be helpful about it. Anyone run into this old small rubber tube?

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    Sorry, duplicate threads are against our rules.

    I moved your other thread to residential HVAC where it actually belongs. This one is also in the wrong forum, so I'm closing it in favor of the other one.

    For anyone who can help James, his other thread is here

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