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    Anyone have any positive or negative input on a group out of St.Louis called "Contractor Sucess Group" a Jim Abrems Company...Air Experts and One Hour Air frachise starter. Is it worth the money to join....He has a dubious history here in St.Louis....Started a group also named Benjamine Franklin plumbing.

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    Are you really that hard up?
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    The answer will always be: no matter what group you join, you will only get out of it what effort you put into it. There is no silver bullet.

    Some of the bigger groups are REAL expensive and will only make sense if you are a large company & have major capital to play with. Air Time 500 will set you back 20k for a down payment and a couple of grand per month to be a member. Contractor2000 (Nexstar) is also a pretty penny.

    There are a lot of other groups to join that are WAY less expensive and you will get just as much out of it. AT500 & Nexstar groups just allow you to use the marketing & business plans they have a hold on (copyright & trademarked).

    Stick with being a member here..... or try the Service Round Table. They are the largest contractors group out there and is only 50 bucks per month. I have got so many great ideas and help from these 2 groups alone. Why go the other route.

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