First id like to thank you all ahead of time for contributing to the forums as I know replying to these does take time, and time is always precious.

The Issue:

I want to cool 2 rooms, not very big, but one is a machine room with a lot of heavy duty electronics. I need to keep these rooms at around 65 Fahrenheit or 18.5 Celsius. The external environment is very wet and can get very hot. (tropical forest).

I am trying to figure out what are the differences between 3-phase, Digital Scroll (screws), and inverter Air Conditioning systems in terms of applicability to mid load air conditioning, electrical running costs and maintenance costs.

I am also trying to simply get a general understanding of low load vs large load air conditioning differences.

Misconceptions or things I've been told which I want to verify/review/correct:

1. Inverters and Digital Scrolls are better than normal start/stop systems.
2. 3-phase large load systems make DScrolls and Inverter electrical consumption savings irrelevant because 3-phase saves just as much.
3. 3-phase systems don't come as inverter or DScroll systems.
4. DScroll systems are what are generally referred to as screw systems.
5. Inverter electrical savings are only truly applicable in smaller load types of installations.
6. Digital Scroll / Screw systems are used for factory type air conditioning where the loads are pretty high, nowhere else.

Any help clarifying these, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again