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    Well guys, I am felling down and out today. Just needed to express some of my feelings to someone, anyone. My middle son, who I was training to help out in the business, has left for Iraq this morning. He is a Combat Engineer in the National Guard and was activated to do his duty for our country. I am so damn proud of him, words can't describe how I feel. His mom and I are only one in tens of thousands who have had to face this. Walking by his room brings tears to my eyes even though he has only been gone for a few hours. He is a very good son, soldier and yes, friend. Has anyone else had to do this lately? I know that I am not alone but just needed to talk a little. Whether I approve of this war or not is beside the point. I will continue to support our troops. God how I miss him already. It is going to be a very long year without him. Like I said, I just needed to express my feelings. Maybe it will get easier as the days go by. I can only imagine how he feels. Now I guess the only thing I can do is hope and pray that he returns safely. Thanks for listening to me. God bless our troops and the USA.

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    My hat is off to you frigetater and your wife. Congratulations on raising such a fine young man. Please relay my heartfelt thanks to your son and I wish him well.

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    Its funny how we feel as dads, when I'll boys become man.

    I just want to say cheer up and feel proud for the foundation you and the wife had set for him,he'll be fine.

    Hats off to your son for doing his duty as a proud american.

    And hats off to Mom And Dad for a job well done.

    Best regards!! Simp.

    Now get to work!

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    I will pray for his safe return , and for your peace of mind.
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    I know you are proud of your son for standing in the gap. I, my family, and my church pray continuously for your son and his fellow freedom warriors.

    Hang in there, fridge. Your son is proof of the hope of our nation.
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    I sincerely wish you all the best. Many have been through what you are going through, hang in there and know our thoughts are with him and his fellow soldiers.
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    You certainly have every reason to be proud. Your son will probably take this adventure a lot better than us old guys that are here worrying about him. Hopefully the year will fly by for both of you. He will come back all grown up.

    God bless all of our boys and girls in the Armed Forces.

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    Thanks to all. Feeling better today. My wife and I really appreciate the kind words.

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    Write to him every day. Even when you don't think anything important happened. He'll appriciate the fact that you are keeping him in the family loop. I spent my time in the Middle East during Desert Shield/Storm and I can tell you from my own experience any mail, even a card from my 9 year old son or 13 year old daughter, made my day. What you think are mundane happenings are important to your son. Write about the goofy stuff too. He'll sit around with his buddies and they will laugh about the crazy stuff each others family does. This helps bring them together and also helps pass the time.

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