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    Fulton Boiler lockout code

    I am working on a Fulton Vantage Boiler. M/N VTG-3000. The boiler has been locking out requiring a manual restart. The code on the seimens control says -Fan contactor Fan contactor is off. It is giving a code:2A D:00 P:38
    Both the air servo and gas servo are in snyc according to the reading on the display while lighting.
    Any insight would be appreciated>

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    Hello indoorcomfrtsl, your Siemens control is asking for the fan to energize and it either not pulling in the fan starter/contactor or it is and the pressure switch is not making or there is loose wiring. If the fan is running you should be measuring voltage on X3.02.2 and X3.02.1

    For further service related questions, you can contact the Fulton service department at (315) 298-5121

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