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    What You've Been Missing

    Anyone interested in doing some critical thinking should watch this, it may give you a perspective on whats realy going on around you.

    I'm sorry I havent participated in any discussion here of late, been bussy getting things done.

    A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.
    Lysander Spooner

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    I watched a little bit, It is a little long, I'll have to get back to it

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    Watched part one and half of part two. It reminds me of Al Gore's film. Lot of talk, selective 'truths' lot of fluff and not much filling. If it was a busker on the street I would have lost interest and walker away. Actually I think I will skip the rest and wait for the Cole's notes version if it comes out here.

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    The class victorian was enough for me. I wonder what she did after the show, besides refuse to get a demeaning and oppressive job, after many years of being formed into a worker bee by the suppresive education system. Pathetic.

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