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    Does anyone know where I can get them? I want to get some of my own for places you go and they have to track down the key.

    I want to get a single edge honeywell, as well as the double edge one. I am also looking for the "Triangle" shaped key for the T87 round covers.

    I also want to find a large key for outside water faucets. There are 2 sizes, and I have the smaller one.

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    I've been able to get replacement keys from the local Honeywell dealer - all of what you are looking for. Any plumbing wholesaler should have a 4-way hose bib key that will cover a multitude of valves. I think I paid about $4 for mine.

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    I've always kept one of those supplied when I install covers, if I am the servicing dealer than I need one... this goes for equipment panel locks too.

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    screwdriver works

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    Originally posted by duc dowg
    screwdriver works
    So, you are the one! :-)

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