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    On-Demand Dehumidity Control Bad for Compressors?

    I need some help configuring a system with thermostat and humidity control. The kind that is more intelligent than merely overcooling. I am looking into a Trane system with a TCONT900 thermostat and communicating air handler, OR else a non communicating air handler and a VisionPro IAQ thermostat. The idea being to have some ability to deal with dehumidity control on demand. However, I'm being told by one of the dealers here in Florida that's a real bad idea to do any on-demand dehumidity control because running the blower at lower speeds (ie. 80%-85%) can damage the compressor over the long haul due to heat-related stress. Something about the temperature delta between indoor and outdoors not allowing the refrigerant to be cooled enough with a slower fan speed that will then cause heat-stress on the compressor. In fact, he claims that broken compressors in systems with on-demand dehumidity control in Florida often fail due to that specfic feature and thefore he will no longer install such a configuration any longer.

    Does any of this make sense or is this guy off his rocker? I really wanted some humidity control, but need to know what I'm getting myself into before making a purchasing decision.

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    He's out to lunch. Find another contractor.

    The compressor runs cooler during a dehumidify call.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Ditto. We install mostly two stage compressors,with dehum feature , here in swampy Florida.

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    We do it all the time. Never had an issue.
    I like DIY'ers. They pay better to fix.

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