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    WHY does this guy wants circumcision banned?
    15 minutes of fame followed by another form of litigation.

    In othe words.......$$$$$$$

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    It was a hygiene law and nothing else. You ain't going to hell if you are not circumcised. And a sign that you were a Hebrew.
    Eating pork was a no no also. Refrigeration was unheard of in those days.

    Most all of us guys are gentiles.

    Some of you are Pharisees

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    I think Glen might be a Homosapien!!!!!!!!!

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    Circumcision was a sign of the Abrahamic covenant. It has nothing to do with christianity.

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    My recollection is circumcision wasn't about hygiene. There were cults and other religions that were involved in religious sex. Like the temple prostitutes and penis worship. The act of circumcision was an act of denial of these other practices.
    Interesting also is the rise in Christian circumcision in this country co-insides with the rise of Fascism in the world. One test of finding a Jew was to have him drop his pants. I wonder if circumcising in the US was an atempt, by Jews, to hide among everyone. Just a thought. Incident at Vichie(sp) is a good read on this subject.
    I read a book once where Northern California seceded from the Union. After they decided to tell McDonald's how to run their business I think it sounds like a plan.
    "What Fools these mortals be"....Puck

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