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    The REAL Story With Our Economy

    when my younger cousin graduated from a college in Washington D.C, at the age of 20, they offered her three jobs.
    1) Teacher in France.
    2) Intern in the legal department of Sony.
    3) Intern in the legal department to legalize criminal immigrants.

    hey! i'm proud of her and happy for her, but the fact is she's still just a kid.

    the point is, our economic system is spending way too much time on this Socialist class structure.
    they're reserving "pork" jobs for people who participate in the system , not for people who are qualified.

    America's big economic trouble is the FACT that older citizens who enjoyed freedom are dieing off.
    these are the people who paid $15,000 for their house over 30 years, had careers, didn't buy junk, and socked all their money away under their matress.

    these people are supporting their whole families and what's left of our economy.

    These Are The Facts.

    1) The real estate market has been changed so they can collect more profit in 5 years that they used to in 30
    * Even with no buyers they won't drop values

    2) The main purpose of the medical industry is clean out the money the old folks have been saving.
    * The only way health care can continue to increase profits is to extort money from the public, which is your "health care" bill.

    3) Younger generations who are paying inflated mortgage, unnecessary taxes , and Socialist extortions, are not going to have extra money to keep countless other businesses afloat.

    4) Large companies no longer have any respect for the employees that earn their profits.
    * Every time they seek to increase profits, they can only find it in employees wages
    * The average job is about 2 years
    * Companies are dropping all of their benefits
    * Companies are still pulling large profits, they just don't WANT to pay their employees

    Solution Step One

    * We need to vote to make it easier for us to run small businesses
    * Remove nearly all regulations and requirements in businesses run out of the home
    * Remove insurance requirements, like it used to be. (as long as the small business owner tells the truth that they have no insurance, then let the customer decide what the risks are, if any)
    * Tax reform ,The government needs to drop taxes on people that earn less than about 60K
    (and i'm talking about real changes, not some false Socialist propaganda)

    The government should have nothing to say about business until you start living off of employees.
    if there are no employees, then the government should be out.

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    The government should have nothing to say about business until you start living off of employees.
    if there are no employees, then the government should be out.

    That should be carved in stone.

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    This is the REAL story about our economy

    If this keeps up we will all be making low wages while paying tribute to our rich overlords with tax cuts. "Do you want fries with that?"

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    It is a good read butit does not specify who belongs to the top 10 decile. That's because anyone with a desire to work hard , save and invest money can join the club.

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