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    Startup AC company looking for advice on systems

    Hi- My husband is starting his side business in HVAC and as I will be in charge of the "office" work but have no real experience in HVAC I'd like to ask for your advice on the best software programs to keep track of financial status and customer information. I'd like for one system to be able to give us, POs, invoices, inventory tracking, job details,opportunity tracking/reminders, customer information, billing etc.
    Since we are start up and small I'd prefer to keep the initial investment low to free and improve as we grow without too much hassle (ie changing programs etc).
    I was told Quickbooks but I'm not familiar with it, what are your opinions and which quickbooks since I've notice there are various?

    Please any information will be valuable! I have office experience just not HVAC.
    Thanks in advance!

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    You need to get 15 posts and apply for Pro B&M (business and marketing) membership.

    I doubt that you will get the advice you want in the General Forum. We don't discuss business matters here.
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