Good afternoon Gentlemen,

I am a junior tech who is struggling to understand temp rise on heat pumps. First and most importantly I would kindly like to know the general procedure to inspect temp rise on heat pumps, if there is any. I have asked around in my company for the general procedure, but it seems like I am beating around the bush.

When I go to homes, I bump up the tstat one degree to confirm 1st stage, this is when I will also get the temp rise (which I have been told that it should be 20 degrees, just like temp drop but only the opposite, fair enough). The only problem is that, everytime I do this the heating elements come on, and I able to tell this because my temp rise is no longer 20 degrees rather it spikes to 40 degrees.

I know tstats could be configured so that if I bump up the tstat 3 degrees the elements kick in, but that rarely happens...everytime Iam bumping up the tstat 1 degree, the heating elements are coming on...and ofcourse, most folks do not know how to operate the heat pump, they are just happy they are getting real question is, " what should be a temp rise on heat pumps, and why are these thermostats I am running into have auxiliary heat turned on everytime I turn on the tstats ? "

Anyhow, if someone can explain me a bit about this confusion, it would be a great help. Thanks for your time.