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    Hello, quick question, hopefully someone can help me.

    I was in class the other night, and we were going over thermostats and discussing bimetallic strips. So, I figured I would ask how these two dissimmilar metals were bonded together. However, no one was quite sure. So of course, my teacher tells me thats my homework for the weekend, to find out. I've searched all over, and have had no luck, nor can I find the phone number to honeywell to ask them.

    If anyone happens to know how, I would appreciate it!

    Thank you for your time.

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    Check out this link... You have to have Adobe to read it... look at pages 7 & 8.

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    That's great, I appreciate it!! Interesting process.

    I guess its not one of those questions that people come accross on a regular basis.

    But again, I appreciate it. That was very interesting.

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