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    I will be graduating in May with my HVAC/R Technician Diploma. I am not sure if I should stick with residential until I have a good handle on things. Is this a good idea? Should I go union or non? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Read my post (the last one) under Shittiest Job Ever. There is some valuable insight not from just me but everyone who posted on that one. I have never been to a trade school I have learned from experience, mistakes and other peoples mistakes (and we all make them, usually because we get in a hurry). I am sure you have sent resumes, filled out applications and everything. See if you can find out what these companies reputations are like and talk to some techs, who usually hang out at parts supply houses for free donuts and coffee. Where 'bouts you live? I live in Southwest Louisiana (will never be Jobless, HA HA HA). As far as Union/nonUnion, you will have to make that decision. I have never been Union. It all depends on what benefits you are looking for. Good Luck!!

    PS: Residential is good to start in I guess, all of my work has been commercial/industrial (no attics and the customers are easier to deal with), besides the money is not that good in residential. I think they top out about $15 or $16 an hour and it gets slow during the winter. Whereas in what I do there is always control rooms, motor control centers, computer rooms,etc (industrial) and stores, banks small businesses, etc (commercial) that always needs attention because if you have a hot control room, mcc, or computer room, then the industrial plant has process equipment shutting down due to a hot building. Stores, banks, etc rely on cutomers spending their money, who wants to shop in a hot or cold ass store?

    Residential/commercial techs are a dime a dozen. Industrial/heavy commercial HVAC and low temp/low pressure process guys are getting hard to find.

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