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    Chad, No offense. But.

    I mean you make it sound like the guy was in deep trouble.

    Read the article, I can completely understand this. Sucks he's gotten a bad rap for that.

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    Last night Boyd wants a 42 Woodie built in 7 weeks. Did you see the look on Charlie and Duanes faces when he said that?

    Mike refused to work weekends....I don't blame him.

    What kind of quality is that?

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    No I think he has earned his bad rep. Boyd wheels went bankrupt didnt it? I think the guy is an arrogant jerk
    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

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    Boyd + Duane =Jerks

    Yes I do think they are jerks!Boyd talks about respect but he doesn't show any to his employees!And the deal of him taking his guys to a gocart track to let off some steam? Give me a break!I'll bet they weren't on the clock! He probally wanted to clear his gilty conscience.I worked for a ratbastard like that once;I could have worked for free for this guy and he would have still complained!I'm surprised they haven'tbeen raided by calosha for using grinders w/o eye protection for instances.As for duane I think celebrity has swollen his head.He's got "little man with a big job" syndrome,just glad I don't have to work for him. Every once in a while I have to remind my boss that this a job not a life style! Thanks for letting me rant.

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