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    Anton Brown has his recipie on Food Network. He does good stuff.
    I should have played the g'tar on the MTV. MK

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    rub it with some olive oil, spice it up with salt and pepper, turn it upside down and cook it slow on low heat, no more than 350. build a foil tent around it for most of the cooking time and open up at end, maybe last half hour. keep pan wet. no big deal.

    if frying, go in slowly and dont overfill the oil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy1010 View Post
    Were having our first thanksgiving at house this year.

    I never made a turkey from start to finish. Any help with prep work is appreciated. I can always ask family members. but that kills the suprise if i need help cooking when Im inviting everyone for my food.

    What i do know is:
    *thaw for a few days.
    *remove insides and wash thoroughly.
    *set oven to 350*f
    *stuff the bird with stuffing or veggies
    *line roasting pan with either foil to wrap bird later, or coat pan with olive oil.
    *baste every 15 - 20 min.
    *cook for about 3 - 4 hrs until thickest part is 180* inside.
    *remove cover to brown outside
    * let sit for 15 - 20 min before carving.

    seasonings are a personal preference so thats not a problem. But just getting the friggin thing set up is my issue.
    get a wife.

    But if you want it done right. Deep fry that sucka. Go to Lowes and they have a kit for it. If you've never had a deep fried turkey, this will blow you away. One side note: Start drinking after the turkey has been in for awhile. NOT BEFORE! (don't use a frozen turkey) follow the instructions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pageyjim View Post
    While stuffing the turkey may taste better care has to be taken because you may not cook it enough and can get sick. You can always cook the stuffing in a sererate pan.

    165 degrees should be fine. 180 might be a little dry.

    have heard stuffing from the bird could make you sick but have never had a problem from it. if your worried about it you could remove stuffing while turkey is resting and put it in the oven in a pan.

    165° at the thigh, not touching bone is perfect temp.

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