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    Originally posted by cde72
    15... the age when I decided to not follow my dreams and take Electrical Wiring at vo-tech and to instead go the college route... Here I am now, with no college degree...
    Well go get one. I was 57 when I got my college degree.

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    Allthough I did alot of dumb **** in my life and if I was to magicly go back to my teens and knew better I'm sure I'de do things differant, but as it stands I'm as happy as a cat locked in a fish store in life. I'm not rich but I do pretty good and I had a fun ass childhood. So I'll just stay wher I am 37.

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    16, the age of consent in this state.
    i wanted to put a picture here

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    age is a mental thing. the body isn't so agreable(sp) to that. I would'nt change anything. I'm 54 single,g/f is 43& single. we have fun.
    my kids are grown.still waiting on grandkids.She has no kids, just pets.
    p.s. i'm still nursing

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