WRONG!!! It was not the programable stat on that Traulsen R/I refr .... it was a low capacity issue all along!

My partner was telling me we needed to reprogram this stat cause the box temp was too high.
He said they been having trouble with this box for months now.
I stuck my head up top to see what I could see, while he was digging around for a manual to go thru the sequence on this stat.

I see the clean condensor and feel this luke warm filterdrier. Hmmmmmmm.... that's odd.... the unit is operating and the box temp is reading 78F!

Hmmmm..... what's wrong with this picture?

He does the stat thing and then we throw on the gages. Zero on the low, (134A), 80 on the hi side.

Add some gas and down goes the temp display! Like ... Right Now!

Left and came back in two hours, 36F!
And the pressures were just about ideal. Added a "smigen" of a squirt and it was lookin nice.

Gonna need to go back ... "do the routine".
Find the leak, fix the leak, replace the drier, recharge, etc.

When you assume ... you make a fool of yourselves... Been there/ done that.