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    What do you reefer guys carry for equipment manuals? I decided I'm going to print out a selection of Scotsman manuals. Also going to print out a Traulsen reach in manual with their microprocessor control. Also worked on a ZeroZone the other day, which had something similar to Traulsen, and I called up the factory tech. It took us 10 minutes to go through all the setpoints on this. And then he told me that even HE didn't understand the thing. So, now I'll need a manual on that too.

    Do you guys carry a library with you, considering all the electronics involved now?

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    Today was one of those days .... I think you KNOW what I mean.

    We saw the Traulsen with programable stat.
    We visited the Scotsman CME 500 with the "glass eye's".
    And we met with the ancient Traulsen with funky door heaters.

    Each could have used a manula.

    Yes we carry them when we know what we're doing... but often times we simply rely upon past exerience and factory tech support.
    When that simply isn't enough, we come here to post our worries and woes.

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