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    does any one have it? Ive been thinking of geting it.did I hear someone here wrote it?

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    Norm Chris wrote it. I have talked with a few guys who have bought it and hear it is pretty good. I personally do not do residential work so I have no need for it. From what I understand it is geared in helping pass the NATE exams. Hope this helps but I know Norm will be along soon with his sales pitch !

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    Yo.... Here!, I'm right here..
    We bought it for training it's very good.

    We also have the NATE reference manual from RSES.

    Anyone looking to take the Nate exam will benefit from these.

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    Actually the book addresses much more than just NATE certifications. Plus, it covers more than just residential. I included a great deal of light commercial as well.

    Even if you never intend to take any of the certification exams the book should be of use to anyone who wants to learn the business better. Taking practice quizzes and reading the tips is another way of learning.

    Besides, I need the money and so does HVAC Talk. Consider it your way of supporting this site and my kids.


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    I have the book and it has put my mind at ease as to what may be expected on the exam for NATE and CM. A good investment. Also it has alerted me to some of the stuff that I need to study-up on.

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    I somehow doubt that Norm needs to "sell" this book or even promote it . If you have read any of the information he has written for his site you questions would be answered

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