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    i'm looking for a gas valve for this unit. our distributor says there is no such model. i am guessing it is 12-15 yrs. old. ser. 119003529.

    i was there 2 mos. ago and do not really remember any details.

    is there a web site i could download an owners manual, i've already googled and yahooed and am coming up blank, maybe i wrote the mod. num. wrong.

    any info would be appreciated. thanks.

    also, what is the life expectancy of a properly maintained fireplace, builders grade and quality?

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    Confused parts?

    What you might have to do is pull the valve and read the label on it. I would not substitute a "similar" valve because it may have different turndown and drop out rates. I recommend using only parts listed for use with a specific Fp. It could be any of a number of Robertshaw, Honeywell, or SIT valve. You'll also want to note whether it is a thermopile only millivolt valve or a quick dropout with a separate thermocouple.

    Good luck getting technical support from Majestic. It's not that I enjoy hearing bad things about my biggest competitor-- I don't like to hear ANY hearth mfr., distributor, or dealer has a problem. I support the industry as a whole.

    As for life expectancy, I'd say somewhere around 25 yrs if properly operated and maintained. We have some of the original 1987 Heat& Glo direct vents still chugging along. May not be much to look at compared to what's currently available but they still work. Having said that many homeowners opt to update that Ozzie & Harriet Fp with something more modern looking. Great market for Fp upgrades.

    If you need to download manuals for Heatilator, Heat& Glo, or Quadrafire fireplaces, go to There are links to take you where you need to go. Also, if you contact Tech Services, please have the model#, serial#, and hopefully 4 digit date code ready. They'll want to capture that info. in the database as well as facilitate helping you. Also, any time you have to deal with old parts, digital pics are a huge help.

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