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    Iam looking for a stand alone controller for humidity rise and fall.The hvac is a standard two stage dx. system with electric re-heat for de-humidify and steam for humidity. Want a humidity range of 50% and temp.of 72. Project located in S.C. Project is testing lab within a conditioned space plant. Current system has great humidtity swings. any ideas would help.

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    Did a similar test lab up this way with a LIEBERT unit, used a TCS/Basys SZ-1143B controller with a TH-1110 Wall mounted Humidity sensor +/-1% accuracyto control the humidifier and the LIEBERT controller to control Temp and Dehumidification.

    Was hard for some to realize that the SYSTEM was not intended for OCCUPANT COMFORT for for test conditions.

    Customer liked the controller , was not MARRIED to anybody for service / parts or secret setups.

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