duh, a joule is 1 Newton-Meter!

Just kidding.

That is one very nice advantage of the English system when working with refrigeration equipment. In Metric, you have kw for shaft power from a motor, kw for electricity, and kw for heat. Gets kind of confusing.

I had a prof who was real anal about procedure on stuff like this. Like you said Ice, just keep the units straight, and you should be in good shape.

Thanks for the compliment humid. No need to feel inferior. I have put up my share here of what are probably viewed as dumb questions. I only halfway get enthalpy anyway.


But I gotta warn you, it is lame. Don't hold it against me. I spend too much time at hvac-talk.com.

I have a pro working on the site though, should come out pretty nice. I plan on putting up a tech info section, like a library of technical brain droppings from the last 5 years of doing this.