An engineer friend of mine has been beating this drum for a long time. His research has proven that by adding a "plate type" heat exchanger to a split system air conditioner you can not only remove double the amount of humidity, but you can decrease the capacity of the design load by 40%. I have observed his design in real life during a 92 degree day last summer. My friend's job was a building with a design load of 20 tons. With the addition of the heat exchanger he added only 13.5 tons and the system was running comfortably. Last summer I was so intrigued by this application that I wrote an article highlighting specific applications that have been installed and tested with positive results. You can read the article at:

Let me know your thoughts on this. I've been toying with the notion of installing this in a customer's home.

Upon request, I can email you a copy of his calculations to back up his theory.