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    I just replaced my Frigidaire icemaker and now when ice is dispensed, it melts into a big hunk. It seems like the ice is hollow in the middle as well (My guess is that the cubes are not completlely freezing throughout and that water is freezing the cubes together). Does anyone have a suggestion on what might be the problem or at least some ideas on how to rectify it?


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    1) what is the model number ?

    2) do you have the manual for it?

    3) does it have a TROULBSHOOTING section

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    no matter how hollow your cubes are, you should not have a solid hunk of ice in your bin, watch the icemaker cycle, see if when it fills with water if it is either spraying or overflowing into the ice bin itself. Make sure the water fill tube is seated correctly into the icemaker. Hollow cubes are almost always a sign of poor water pressure to the refrigerator. How old is the water line? Does it have a self piercing type valve? Model number would help.

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