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    in a house, Appomattox, Va.
    Was it a little car?

    Did a boiler at one house. HO was out of town and left s-10 parked in front of door to basement. We picked up on the back of truck and pushed it out the way of door. HO showed up in the pm and said "I guess I did move the truck".
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    Re: Flat out.

    Originally posted by spotts
    Why is it I always get caught behind the guy whos passing 2 semi's driving 62 in a 75 and he's only going 62.1 mph? Blocks the whole interstate for like 10 minutes and he wont touch the gas for a few seconds? [/B]

    Try interstaate 5 in Calif(a 4 lane freeway, two each direction) . You are traveling 80 MPH behind another car. You reach a line of trucks doing 62MPH. The guy infront of you slows to 62.1 MPH. He passes first truck and back up to 80MPH arrrives at next truck, breaks to 62.1 MPH. Passes 2nd ruck back up to 80 MPH. When you pull over to right to pass him he will pick it up to 90 or 95 to keep you from passing.

    It may be a little longer and take more time but I now go to Southern Calif by way of 101.
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    The thing that really gets me is when traffic on an interstate comes to a complete hault. I don't care how big the city is, there is just no excuse for it. Comming from the mid west, this was NEVER a problem growing up. Now that we live in a more populated area, it is a big problem. Why my sisters are not bothered by this is beyond me, but just that alone makes me want to move back home.

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    Amen, to everything mentioned...I hate when someone speeds to get in front of you just to slow down and make their turn...
    Mattm, I know exactly what you mean about the punks crossing streets...they know exactly what their doing too.

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    hood mounted guns would be a nice accessories

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    Originally posted by hvacmd2002
    Left turns at traffic lights drive me nuts. Car in front of mine stops at the white stop line, waiting for a good samaritan in oncoming traffic to let them turn left in front of them. Light turns yellow and red and they haven't moved. Light turns green, and they wait for a break. <Sigh>

    Here's how it's done: Your light is green, and you want to turn left. Get your ass out in the middle of the intersection and wait for a small break. The guy behind you should follow you across the stop line, so when the light turns yellow, he's already out there, and can turn left when opposing traffic stops. At least 2 cars should be able to get through on a yellow light. This also allows those behind you going straight, to pass you on the right.
    I agree with you but at some of the major intersections here you will get written a citation for doing that.

    Man you all are touching on my worst pet peeves.

    The driving down the interstate in the left passing lane ticks me to no end. When I pass on the right I want to have a sign on my door that says "Move Over *******"

    Banking. 4 drive through lanes and everyone is a carlength back from the canister writing up their deposit. Then it never fails that I get behind someone who does multiple transactions. Damn, go IN the bank if you want to socialize.......ARRRRRRRRRRR !!

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    When I was a kid I was crossing the street on the red and yellow (yes red and yellow)and I almost got hit by Jerry Lewis. The French love him I hate him. Told my mom and she yelled at me to be more careful,what the heck!
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    Originally posted by ct2

    If people used the left lane to pass in and moved back over there would always be a clear lane for emergency traffic to get through when they need to .
    Well for one thing when there is heavy traffic not all the cars can fit in the right lane. I hate it when I am on the parkways in lots of traffic going pretty fast in the left lane and some jerk comes up behind me riding my tail, like I am gonna get over so he can pass me when there are a milliion cars in front anyway. Does he think we are all gonna move over cause he is so important or what. If he is in such a GD rush,all he had to do was leave a few minutes sooner.
    All them guys zooming in and out, ya meet em up at the next stoplight anyway.
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    Post To Much Time ...

    We've all got to much time on our hands to be crying over these issues fellas...

    You want traffice problems as one poster here has already mentioned is Interstate 5... Well I'm in the hub of all of it... Anyone every heard of the 91 Freeway, it's a parking lot daily a 10 minute commute duirng rush hours can take hours...

    I just listen to the radio kick back and enjoy the ride, what else can I do. I do thank the 91 Express Lanes :-), I happily pay my tolls without batting an eye lid.

    I did 8 service calls New Years day, drove a total of 150+ miles most of it crawling down the road.... Got in some good music ...

    Road Rage only ages you if it doesn't get you killed first!
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    We were all set up in a parking area to set a RTU. This cute little lady pulls up next to the crane and asked the operator if her car would be in the way where she was parked.

    The operator said, "If it is in the way I'll just hook on to it and move it." A moment of silence and a look on her face of "are you serious?"

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    Originally posted by jonm
    People who are inconsiderate get me going, they feel they're entitled. Here,s the straw that broke the camels back. Went to bank drive through the other day, they have two lanes, one for banking one for atm. The lane for banking is a single lane opening to four lanes for the four banking servers. I pull up and the guy in front of me is stopped, no problem I figure he's getting his deposit or whatever ready, wait about 15 seconds and give a honk, not sure he saw me, wait another 10-15 seconds and honk again, nothing. Now i know he sees me and is still doing nothing, so by now I'm seeing red so get out of my work van and approach and ask him to move foward. He says he's in line. So in essence he won't commit to a lane and is blocking people because he want's the very next lane that opens. We exchange pleasantries and he still won't move. So I decide to go around him, up over a small concrete median and in line. He still doesn't move there other cars honking at him. So I'm waiting in line and I get a call on my cell, the idiot got my work phone number off my service van, I foward all calls to my cell when on the road. Anyways he's asks to speak to a manager and that one of "your" techs was very nasty. Told him I was manger a**wipe, boy did that get his goat. Was out and done before he even got to do his banking. About 45 minutes later get a call from the same idiot threatening me, saying if I ever talk to him like that again he'd kill me.
    Going to the bank is ancient history now. I have direct deposit where I work but before that I deposited all my
    checks at the ATM and made cash withdrawls at the same time
    and have never had a lost deposit.
    Definitly beats standing/sitting in the car at the bank.
    I also pay bills on line so my moola is always tied up in
    cyberspace but I rarely go into a bank anymore. Anybody else
    do cyberbanking here?

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