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    I ve got this 1967 model Kirby that well lately hasnt been working quite right so this morning I get up a little early --take the bag off and after emptying 5 lbs of dirt I turned the bag inside out and washed it untill I could at least see light in the bag----Man you would be surprised at how well the old gal sucks now! -----

    ---so what is the most unusual attachment you have seen that Kirby made for those things----- for me I would have to say the Jig Saw

    I know there are kirby haters out there and I will be the first one to say that NEW---they are over priced ---but it is one of the few home appliances that is still built to last...They are even using REAL plastic for their motor cases now.

    Hey this may be just the tip that can put Irishmists homeowner seminars over the top----clean your kirby bag

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    We just got a Dyson. The model that is designed for people who have animals like dogs in the House. Now this machine is the best idea since sliced bread. It's awesome.

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    I remember my mom having a Kirby about 25 years ago. I remember she'd lug out a huge box with about a gazillion attachments in it. There probably was an attachment to pull a vacuum on an A/C unit. She had it for many years because it was a solid machine.

    I bought a canister vacuum several years ago for over $2,000. I think it is called a Star. I should have gotten a Kirby because I'm not happy with the thing now. But, at least the sales lady who demo'd the vacuum was a fox.

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    My brother sold them, so my parents got one with all the goodies- my most used part was the grinder or the flex-a-drill, a 52" flexible shaft w/a 3/8" chuck- lots of wrist injuries, but cool for the vacuum cleaner to have.

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    Originally posted by rimek
    my most used part was the grinder or the flex-a-drill, a 52" flexible shaft w/a 3/8" chuck- lots of wrist injuries
    What were you doing with it? Big lie?

    Had a Kirby demonstration years ago and didn't think it would be able to keep up with the hair as good. I had two german shepards and a dobe. Lost both sheps this year. My husband just found me a steam cleaner attachment for it on ebay. I love it even more. It's a female's dream match to a wet/dry vac.

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    Ive got the drill and the grinder to , also have a paint gun (but I have never tried it ) One of my friends took the jig saw ----so no one else would steal it---- and never returned it . A tenant that I rented a house to left this kirbyhere because it wouldnt suck up a thing, he got it from his mother and never knew you had to empty the bag or how to . If the bags get plugged they wont work well . I shake mine out every time I use it and I couldnt believe how dirty it was

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    My mother had a filter queen, had a big box of stuff,too. Hair dryer hood thing, dry cleaner thing,etc. I used to suck up socks and anything that would fit the nozzle, them retrieve my tips from the canister.
    I've got my grandmother's old electrolux she got when she got married, still works good. ABout 40 yrs old.
    Col 3:23

    questions asked, answers received, ignorance abated

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