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    I have a small commercial A/C&R service company in Honolulu Hawaii (no residential work). Iíve been in business for 12 years now. I donít have a shop, but I do have regular customers, most with service contracts. I have never been much of a salesman so Iíve keep the company down to me and a helper all this time. Sales are always over 100k per year. I have a fully loading 2000 express van set up with the contractor kit.
    Is this company sellable? Iím pretty sure only another A/C guy would want to buy it.

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    This question is asked quite frequently. Your company's value is really only the van and tools that go with it. The goodwill is not worth very much particularly if your annual sales are only $100K.

    If you find an A/C guy that wants to start his own thing and you help with the transition, you might get a bit more.

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    why dont you advertise for a person to take over your business?
    Tell them you would be willing to help with the transition.
    Specify he or she ... needs to be gifted in sales!
    Must already know the trade.
    Must be willing to work hard and slowly ramp up in earnings.

    This is how several people I have spoken with have aproached this situation.

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    R12rules, thatís what I was thinking.
    I would stay on as a "partner" then after a month or 3 I'd go on the longest vacation my customers ever saw

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    Originally posted by alikair
    R12rules, thatís what I was thinking.
    I would stay on as a "partner" then after a month or 3 I'd go on the longest vacation my customers ever saw

    What types of businesses do you service?

    Do you strictly service Lite Commercial?

    Service, retrofits, installations, new construction?

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    How good are your skills at transfering knowledge and information to another person?
    Do you have the gift to Mentor someone?
    Are you someone who could talk up what you have to offer in the way of a viable business?

    Your gonna need to get up a small web site displaying what you have to offer.

    Wind, surf, warm weather, lots of work, great potential for growth in the area, etc.

    Can you lease some space for a shop? Having brick and mortar is of great value when someone is looking to buy into your dream.

    Write down what the dream was to bring you all the way there. And it kept you there for over twelve years! So you must have realised some measure of fulfilment of that dream or you would never have stayed so long!

    Sell that dream to somoone else.

    Figure out which questions people will be asking before they come and invest into your dream. Have the answers ready when they do ask.
    Get with your local Economic Developement agency and your Chamber of Commerce to formulate an outline of questions and answers. Also include the Board of Tourism. They are a wealth of information.

    When your web site is built, have an FAQ listing all these questions along with the answers.

    Sales is about four things.

    1) Sell yourself to them before you sell them your product or service.

    2) Make the prospect feel good about what you are inviting them to buy into.

    3) Show them the value of the product / service.

    4) And finally, be prepared to deal with "their objections".

    A web site is kinda like a resume. It opens the door to a face to face.

    Does any of this appeal to you?

    Would yo like to post a picture of your helper and yourself standing beside the van?
    Maybe parked out in front of your favorite customers establishment .....

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    Hey Alikair,

    send me an e-mail with more info


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