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    I would like to know if someone could guide me into the direction as how to write a very respectable, professional resume for this field. I will be a newbie, but I also have other accreditations that may be useful too. Thanks!

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    There are better places to find info about a resume format than this one.

    Some of the things I look for on a "newbie" resumes are:
    1. School-which one and how did you do
    2. Demonstrated mechanical ability-past experience with cars or some other mechanical type hobby or job
    3. Any type of job where you might have had to be accountable for individual hours during the day
    4. How far did you go in math? I believe the abstract thinking required in algebra is an indication of potential in a tech.

    I don't require all of the above but, I won't even interview somebody that doesn't have some of the above.

    I hope this helps.

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