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    Does anybody know if the companion tech manual is available in pdf? I used to have a hard copy but I cannot find it.

    I have a site that has an old dos PC based companion (R2.0). They have been printing the trend logs and alarms for years now. (So much for the forests) Does anyone know of a way to print that info to a file on the hard drive?

    What software does JCI have that would replace this?

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    I think this is it

    if that link doesnt work you can do a search from here point

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    If the links don't work, let me know. I might have what you are looking for.

    IIRC, you can't archive a log within Companion, only print on a schedule.

    Companion/Facilitator is a legacy product, therefore you can't get a JC upgrade... heck, the last time I tried to get and answer from them the techies didn't even know what Companion was! Your best choice is to upgrade the supervisory controller with N30 or NAE, etc.

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    Thanks joey that's what I was looking for. I did search I just missed it somehow.

    I know this is an old product and not really supported anymore, I was just wondering if JCI had any PC based supervisory software out there that was newer than this (about 13 yrs old and running on a 386).

    I tried a few old dos print to file programs but none of them seemed to work.

    Other than the extremely slow remote access and not being able to save the logs to the hard drive it seems to still be working pretty well.

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    If you're clever, M3 Workstation still supports serial connections to Companion/Facilitator networks. Then, you've got access to logging/trending - all the PC-based supervisory functions it sounds like you're looking for, without the hardware upgrade. Not much of a sales opportunity, but it sounds great to a couple of ...uh... thrifty customers we've got that feel their 1998 vintage Facilitators are still great.

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    I kinda got a little carried away with this but oh well.

    I chucked the old 2400 baud external modem that was for remote access and ran a RS-232 cable over to a newer machine running XP. That allowed me to hide the 386 in the corner to free up desk space and trash the old EGA monitor and keyboard. Using HotVT from Datamission to access (Great terminal program IMHO).

    Then I did a couple macros in HotVT for stuff like login/out, checking alarms, and data trends. Then I compiled a couple macros with Macro Scheduler to open HotVT, start data capture to file, run the HotVT macros, then stop capture and save text file, and close HotVT.

    Then I scheduled a program to take the text file and rename it with the date and time as the filename. I also added VNC and since the machine is on their LAN they can now login anywhere in the facility.

    It took me about 5 hours to set it up but it is does what they wanted and they are happy. How's that for clever?

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    slap an NC350 in and then direct connect to NC with VT100 or Hyperterminal. The only cost would be the NC unless you want Metasys software which will cost for the license.

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