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    Were you using Trenton equipment with the bally box?
    I just installed two bally WI's with Trenton equip.
    Bally is no doubt a nice box, but i think its a bit high price.
    One good thing is dealing with UR to get Bally boxes is i got both boxes in two weeks.Getting the boxes fast helps when bidding a job. You know how alot of customers look at how fast they can get the box and have it installed.

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    The equipment seller sold him the equipment and then sent him a second bill for the install. Customer could not understand that their price was not installed even when I told him he didn't believe me. Sereral years later I relocated the condensing unit away from the sidewall exhaust fan discharge for the restaurant because it was loosing compressors. I was dealing with a different Mgr. at that time too.
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    I was all geeked up about this when I got started. I was doing some stuff for several manufacturers. The bottom line is, there is not much or no money in it. None.

    Linden Swansen said it.

    Now, like what Icemeister said, that he can still sell a job to a good long term customer. Indeed that is still out there, but really slim pickings.

    It's a waste of time to fight the bids for them. Service outside of warranty is the only place left thats profitable, with some exceptions like a remodel of sorts.

    The real coin in this end is the larger stuff. Warehouse type stuff, and the fact of the matter is, to get bonded for such a project is hard and most people in that are larger well established and finanically sound operations.

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    I have mentioned this with the air conditioning too.

    Why not find a manufacture that will agree to sell to contractors only. This would put us back in... and shut the resturant suppliers down.
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