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    Just registered with HVAC talk-great and informative. Tyler Enviroguard is a great concept and works well when set up. My question concerns the liquid bleed back into the suction manifold. How fast can this capillary tube really balance out the system? If ambient is around 70 degrees and the majority of charge is in the receiver, what happens if there is a sudden drop in ambiet by say 20 degrees? the system will be calling for more refrigerant to flood the condenser, with all the fans running, as is the design is there a lag where the system is starving for liquid before the right amount of liquid is balanced into the condenser? Also during warm ambients, I know the condenser is not flooded with liquid, only that which is doing subcooling, is the drop leg also subcooled and fully flooded with liquid? Thanks for the info

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    Welcome Mr. Kool .... Dice will be along shortly to harrass you since your a new guy.
    Dont worry. Once you post at his award winning thread; "9mm", be will back off. (for awhile)

    Dave is one of them guru's who wold be able to answer yor question best.
    There's a dozen or so here who can. Me, I'd just pinch that tube off and be done with it ... no more questions

    Welcome to the community.

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