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    Can anyone tell me the ideal temperature setting to maintain in walk-in freezers and refrigerators. Also what should the alarm points be for too-low and/or too-high temperatu

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    Unless your storing ice cream (-15 F), typical W/I freezers used in fast food are kept between 0-5 degrees F with a warm alarm between 15-20 degrees F.

    In my experience W/I Coolers can vary alot depending on what is stored.
    Chicken for example is best stored in temps at or below 34 degrees F requiring more than just off cycle defrost to keep the evaporator clear of frost.

    Soft drinks are most often refrigerated at 38-40 degrees but I personally like to keep them a little colder.

    Generally I've seen W/I coolers used in fast food that cut off at 35 degrees F & cut on at 40 (or sometimes 36/41 F) degrees F. As far as a low and hi limit for this type of box, I would say no lower than 32-34 if you are storing lettuce and as far as a high limit (be creative), 50 F might help prevent false alarms if you have the door open alot.

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    I think rick pretty much summed it up.........

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