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    Thinking about it ,My biggest success is to have found something that I enjoy doing ! and being 100% sure that this is it for me,life doesnt get any better that that,loving what you are doing,getting up in the morning exited about going to work! its a awesome feeling,I' feel bless thank God!!!!

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    Yeah, somedays it ain't all that bad..............
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!


    Bring Em Home....

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    Mine would have to be the pipefitting and plumbing of the worlds only chemical defense training facility in Ft Leonard Wood. over 50 miles of pipe , stainless steel , copper , black carbon, and pvc . Exhaust ducts and fans realistically able to run thru if your 6' or under , and waste stack was over 120 ft tall with filters going to it as big as tractor trailors you see on the hwy.
    It all took 2 yrs to finish and still scared to show pictures of it . ~ they confiscated my first camera ~

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