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    Well,he was a great man.
    C.W.Lee lived a life of a real man born in 1908 in Oklahoma moved to Texas several years later after 1 son was born and the other died of dipthrea. Worked on cotton farm and raised 3 other sons. Built 9 homes by hand in Texarkana and then moved to Irving Texas where he took a job as an animal control officer 1955 and worked for 26 more years and retired to East Texas were he first lived. I know this man as he was my grandfather, dad and friend. As I grew up and lived with him from the time I was (2) until (17). I was not the easy grandson to raise and had several run in's with local law , but he always managed to get me out. I watched him from age 90 till 96 suffer with pancriac cancer, but he managed to get up go to town and visit with friends at local Grocery store ,checker board hang-out.As this year past he got worse and we had to put him in a 24 hour nursing home. I did not agree with the families choice to do this, but his health was going down hill as was his mind.I spent Thanksgiving with him and asked if I could do anything, he just said, you have and I am very proud of what you have become in the HVAC industry. I was called on December 18th,2004 about 6:30 and he had left us for higher ground. As I look back, I find that I have a great many of the same ideas and beleifs as he did. He left me with alot of himself and I am just now really feeling it.

    Just thought I would share this with my fellow friends..

    God Bless him. Mr. C.W. Lee
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    My deepest sympathy goes out to you. It sounds like he was a great man and a big part of your life. My grandfather was born in 1890 and passed away in 1987. I wish I could go back and talk to him about all the changes and inventions he had seen in his life. Its hard to imagine how life was that long ago.

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    Sounds like a great man that left a wonderful legacy. We'll be praying for you and your family.

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    His ideals and legacy will live on . That is the best he would hope for . You will make him proud !!! I wish you the best and share in your loss, jpb
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    I heard it said that the true measure of a man is when he leaves the room is there an emptyness? Sounds like there is an emptyness to the room. He sound like a real man, Your love and respect for him will help fill that emptyness. I will put you and your family in my prayers. I understand somewhat what is like Pop passed on ten years ago so you truly have my sympathy.
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    My condolences to you and your family, sounds like a wise and caring grandfather.

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    Appears as though he led a long, fullfilled, rewarding life and left behind his mark on those around him. None of us can ask for anymore than that.
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    Your lucky A/Cooled.

    My Grandad never mentioned [to me] that he was proud of my efforts as I was taking over the Biz he started and I sure woulda liked to have heard it. Dad don't really say nuthin neither, to my face, I hear from his friends. I try to make sure my boys hear how proud I am from me all the time. I don't wanna fall off a roof and have um wonder...... "Was he proud of me?"
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