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    I currently have a job but for the past 2 years have been in the unstable Telecomm industry. I have since been a straight A student in the night HVAC program at Wake Tech. January starts my last semester and would like to spend 1 day a week working in residential service to get my feet wet with more than lab experience. Very professional, detail oriented with great communication skills to represent your company when talking with customers. Reply for contact information.

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    Home is Azle Texas, work in Dallas-Fort Worth & surrounding areas.

    I believe Willie Tucker with Johnson Controls is the on-site company rep. there (Handles the HVAC side of things along with some control work). Check with him & see if he can help you out. I worked with him on other jobsites for several years. Show him this & he will know who I am.JCI quite often looks for fresh people & if you could show them what you know it may help.May have to catch up with him during normal Buss. hrs.
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks! I'll track him down.

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