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    My son called me xmas day, he just got out of the hospital, He is in the army, a special ops team out of Fort Irwin, Ca. Seems they went down there on a "quote" training mission, 3 killed 12 wounded in an ambush. Luckily he was not quote wounded, he was hurt from a concusion blast, broken ribs, sprained ankle and lots of bruises. He just got back from 14 months in Iraq, about 6 months ago, he could only tell me so much on the phone. I heard we were helping with some drug control stuff, but this sounds a little more serious. Anybody know any other stuff.

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    It is a giant mess down there. Roving gangs all over, not much law, turf wars, really ugly.
    That special ops stuff is crazy.
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    Last year I was in Roatan Honduras. You weren't encouraged to go off of you little resort by yourself. Roatan was a dingy little island but when we did go on a guided tour you could help noticing the "Army" of police with automatic weapons. The ratio of police to people seem unreal. It's got to be the drugs.

    We were told by the English owner of the resort that developement doesn't happen very much because outsiders can't get any clear titles to the land. The court system is not very concerned about your rights to own land. Therefore there is alot of armed violence over land disputes.

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    My brother is SF and pulled that duty for a number of years. These raids are and have been going on for years.

    Your son's unit was the fire power for the DEA. The DEA conducts drug raids thruout South America with the permission of the appropriate government. As I understand it, the rules of engagement state that the 2 DEA agents must be present and in charge. Without the agents, the unit must withdraw. The drug cartels are aware of this and open fire on the agents hoping to kill one and force the SF to withdraw.

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    from the ap

    Posted on December 27, 2004
    Nine Charged in Honduras Bus Slayings

    Associated Press Writer

    Nine members of a powerful criminal gang face homicide charges in connection with an attack on a public bus last week that left 28 passengers dead, officials said Monday.

    The investigation of Thursday's violence has focused on suspected Mara Salvatrucha gang member Alex Ramirez, 23, who was captured shortly after the attack driving a car whose interior was stained with blood, and carrying two assault rifles, two handguns and ammunition.

    Authorities arrested eight others during a major sweep in the days following the attack, which occurred on the outskirts of the northern city of San Pedro Sula, 125 miles north of the capital, Tegucigalpa.

    President Ricardo Maduro this week accused the ruthless street gang of having "planned the massacre to frighten my government, which has had success in fighting crime."

    In a message left on the bus's windshield, the gunmen claimed they were part of a previously unknown revolutionary group opposed to the death penalty, one of the main campaign issues in next year's presidential campaign. Executions were stopped in the 1950s.

    They also left a threatening message against the president of Congress, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, who is a death penalty supporter and one of four contenders for the ruling National Party's presidential nomination.

    Security Minister Oscar Alvarez pledged on Monday to eliminate the violent gangs.

    "We will not rest until we eliminate the gang members from Honduras, because the public is angry and indignant," Alvarez said as he announced an increase in the number of army troops assigned to patrol the nation's streets.

    Honduran youth gangs, known as "maras," claim more than 100,000 members and control poor urban neighborhoods, where they are known for extorting "protection" money from residents and other crimes. Many of the groups began on the street of Los Angeles and spread to El Salvador and Honduras after members were deported back to those countries.
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    I appreciate the input, I suspected as much. Of course my son can't sy much.

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    All it took was for a couple gangsters from L.A. to get deported years ago back to El Salvador and Honduras. They took their affiliations and tattoos with 'em. Tattoo's are illegal down there. Kids love what's foreign and if it's illegal it's a plus. 18 street and Mara Salvatrucha (enemies) have been able to recruit thousands of members and are now part of the problem in the southern part of Mexico where the Mexican Army has been fighting Rebels for years. They have a bad illegal immigration down there from Central American countries.

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    You wana put an end to stuff like that? Hire some ex-cons to outline your strategy and then they hire the teams to implement it.

    "It takes one to know one", is the saying.

    Another saying is: "Dont bring a knife to a gun battle!" But that is what we are doing.

    If the Honduran government would allow it's citizens to arm themselves, this wouldnt last.

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