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    Kitchen heat load


    Can u please advice whether to consider the heat loads which is coming under a proper Kitchen hood, while selecting the AC equipment.

    I am working on a design of a small size take-away restaurant outlet,(420 sq. feet area).
    Excluding the burners under the hood, the HAP load estimate is coming to 3 Tons, 1400 CFM.

    But, if i am including the burners, then it goes to 7.5 Tons,4400 CFM.

    OR, only a portion of the burner heat load to be considered?

    Any leads will be highly appreciated

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    Reference thread Pizza shop load calculation under this forum heading as I discussed this issue at length

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    Also in most areas of the country makeup air is required. That will reduce the heat load and save on A/C tonnage

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    Thank you both, for the leads

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    Isnt a 3 ton system 1200 cfm, unless its heat pump. Heat pumps are usually 450 cfm per ton. And 1400 cfm makes 466 cfm per ton.
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