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    At this time of year, I seem to be reflective about the past year and it's what I guess drives my mood. The old lady is the same way. Kids are at the in laws todAY AND WERE JUST HANGIN. We had a mixed bag of good and bad this year happen to us. Lot's of weird things. Most imprtant to us has been our security finanically. Took some risks, some we won, some we lost.

    All in all. Things have settled for us and we have less fear, and things look upbeat. But the point is. I simply want this holiday season to pass. I want winter to be over soon and look forward to a bright new year and spring.

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    You sound like me. I am bummed out, tired, kids messing up, but I have a good wife to get me out of the blues. It was a good year, but how much went in the bank? Oh Well, at least I have my wife. But if she leaves.. Sorry I could'nt cheer you up. Chances are your are better off than you think your are. The key is, you may not make alot of money, but you don't owe a lot of money. Rest my friend Don't take it personal, Every child has their own life. Be happy for them.

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    very kind words. Thank you..

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    I've had a decent year, some bad some good, plenty of stress from the holidays though.

    I enjoy the time, but man, just like you I'm anxiously awaiting spring time!

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    Hey Dow! What ever happened with the thoughts of adding residential htg service to your business?

    Merry Christmas & hoping you have a happy and more prosperous New Year.......

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    Christmas 2004


    Obviously you are not as old as I am or you would know that “every day above ground is a good day”.

    You may know that I write a newsletter for our HVAC company. The attached is the 99th letter since I started. All of the others are available on the website. I’m including it for all who visit the HVAC-Talk site as my Seasons Greetings. Hope it brings a glimmer of hope and cheer to anyone that reads it.

    Christmas Is… (2004)

    When we sent the Christmas message that follows to our friends and customers over a half century ago, we did not know the author of it then and even though we have used it many times in the past 51 years, we still do not know whom to credit. We do know that one of the many things that make Christmas so great is its timelessness.

    And even though times and circumstances change, we imagine that those serving our country today, whether it be in far off places like Iraq and Afghanistan or here at home, are basically no different than those who served in other conflicts at other times when it comes to their memories of home and Christmas. In that context, it seems to us as appropriate today as it did when we first sent it, so many years ago. We hope you enjoy it.

    CHRISTMAS is...the writer's cramp you get from addressing Christmas cards...the miles and miles of gift ribbon that is never enough... the phony heartiness of department store Santa Clauses...aching feet and pushing crowds.

    CHRISTMAS is…the gift you buy because you should...the way money vanishes...the sleep of the exhausted on Christmas night...and the hopeless chaos of a house the morning after.

    CHRISTMAS is also...a father on a wobbly ladder putting a battered angel on the tree-top...Bing Crosby singing Adeste Fideles...the delicious freedom of choice that confronts a small shopper in the dollar stores...the lovely combination of smells: bread in the oven and pine cones on the hearth.

    CHRISTMAS is also...a Mother and a Father sitting through a school play and seeing only one fat angel.....your whole, maddening, wonderful family, seen in a flash of brilliance, as the people you love to the hurting point...the sound of church bells splintering the frosty midnight with tidings of great joy.

    FOR CHRISTMAS…is the Birthday of the Child whose coming is the reason why children can laugh and men can dream.

    It doesn't have to be Christmas for us to remember our many good friends and customers who have made any success we have achieved possible...but the season does give us an opportunity to pause and express our appreciation for their friendship and goodwill. It's folks like you that makes our business possible...and it is our sincere pleasure to pause and say "Thank You" and extend our warmest good wishes for you and yours this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!

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    That's a nice letter.
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