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    Originally posted by oroy54
    Control_ Your my type of guy.
    LOL, and I miss my brothers! Not as much anymore though, my aim is improving! :-)

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    I've gotten 2 or 3 for x-mas. 1st was a daisy, 2nd was a pump "rifle" and also got a pistol one of them times too.

    Never did much other than shooting targets, cans, little army men, that kinda of thing.

    I don't know what my friends and I were thinking, but once we tried to shoot a bb down the straw of one of them sports bottles. We couldn't hit it for nothing! SO.... a friend held the bottle at the tip of the gun, the other friend was going to shoot, I stopped him so I could adjust the straw better around the bb hole. Aparently he didn't hear me say wait, and shot. Didn't cry, but ran VERY fast into the bathroom in our shop to dig the BB out from under my fingernail.

    Don't think I ever told my parents about that one.

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    All types of guns are dangerous in some way or another. Don't get me wrong, I like them but respect them.
    My sister was having a party one time and her friends rifled through a closet and found my brothers "45" CO2 pellet gun. They were "being cool" and were waving it around and then it went off. He shot my sister and the pellet ended up 1/32 in. away from the optic nerve. They couldn't operate without blinding her. So the pellet is still there. That was in 1972.

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    My soon to be step son has had a bb gun for 3 years. he turns 11 in march . will get a single shot 20 ga. as soon as he gets his hunter saftey course. rather they be in the woods than in front of tv or some silly game
    i belong to peta ... people eating tasty animals. all my opinions are just mine.

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    My youngest boy wanted a paintball gun one spring. He was willing to work for it, so we struck a deal. He would mow grass all summer, without complaining or being asked to. Then in the fall, we'd go shopping.

    By the time he had worked all summer, he had earned more than enough to buy it.

    When it was time to go shopping his tastes had matured considerably. He asked if he could buy a 12 gauge pump instead.

    A paintball gun is MORE dangerous, because it is considered a "toy".
    A shotgun will NEVER be treated with anything but respect.

    A shotgun will retain it's value, and even become MORE valuable, if kept in good working condition. A paintball gun will hit zero value very soon.

    I would have kissed him in the mouth, if I could have caught him. My little boy was growing up.
    He learned the value of a day's work, and made a good decision of what to do with his hard-earned money. He also learned to save up, rather than borrow.

    Yes, I have taught him to be responsible, hunter safety, etc..
    And yes, he started out with a bb gun.

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    You guys were bad. At least we had BB gun wars, pistols and rifles. I wonder why I did'nt get all my boy's Daisy's. Busting cool. Yeah right! Well that was my high when I was a little boy.

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    Pellet gun........

    my boy, Matthew got a Crossman for Christmas. 1000fps. Killed a bird with the third shot. Then we sighted it in.

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