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    Quadrafire Castile pellet stove overfeeds

    I fired up my Quadrafire Castile pellet stove this Fall, and it is feeding too many pellets, causing a very high fire - even on the low setting. I closed the feed gate as far as it will go, but the problem remains. The stove sounds like it is running the pellet feed auger much longer than it used to on each feed cycle.

    Is there a potentiometer in the control box that I can adjust for the feed rate?

    Any other recommendations?


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    The auger should cycle on and off continuously. If it is running constantly and not cycling you may need some new parts for your stove.

    If it is cycling on/off, my guess is that it is not overfeeding but your stove is under-burning. What I mean is that your stove is not buring the pellets fast enough to keep up. This is caused by lack of proper maintenece. Firepot clean, and holes cleared. Baffles clean. Combustion blower clean. Exhaust path in stove and flue all clean.

    If a stove is not keeping up with the pellets coming in, eventually it can lead to a backup (or bridge) up the chute and back-burn into the auger shaft and/or hopper.

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