Been in the commercial HVAC business for over 20 years, last 12 self-employed.

I am certified to work on Trane centrifugals but havenít seen one since I started my own small business. Also Iím no stranger to refrigeration.

Iíve lived in a beautiful, but extremely small town where the weather is always hot and the women (if you can find them) are fairly cold. House prices have just recently gone up so high I canít afford even the cheapest termite infested house.

I donít want to throw a dart on a world map and just move, but I really have no idea where to go.

Ok, so hereís the question.

Any of you fellow HVAC guys recommend a great town / job?

Iím a somewhat partial to Seattle and Miami because I have some friends there.

So come on folks, if you found paradise share the wealth!